A Doctor in Madhya Pradesh Kicked Muslim Women And Refused to Treat her

“My husband took me to the hospital as I had a severe stomach ache. At the hospital I was attended by a lady doctor who then referred me to Pradeep Dhakad another doctor to get admitted”

She said, “When we reached out to him, he took my documents and after looking at it asked us to leave. My husband kept on asking him why he was not examining me”.

28 years old Rehana alleged that a doctor at the Betul District Hospital of Madhya Pradesh refused to treat her because of her Muslim identity. She was communally abused and kicked by a doctor on 2nd October, The Cognate reported

In a video uploaded by The Cognate, Kareem Shah, the victim’s husband said, a doctor named Pradeeep kicked his wife and refused to admit her.

Kalim Shah told The Cognate that “the doctor threatened to beat us up, even kill us and asked us to leave. My wife was crying with pain, so I requested him to at least examine her, but in return, he attacked her and kicked her in her stomach, she fell and fainted.”

“While I was trying to gather Rehana, the doctor kept abusing and threatening and then he left the hospital. Since then he is not seen at the hospital”, he said.

Pankaj Akulkar, State coordinator, Bhim Sena Army intervened and then got Rehana admitted to the hospital. She is now getting treated by a senior doctor in the same hospital.

The organization also protested outside the hospital to demand a fair inquiry in the matter

He said, “These incidents against Muslims are usual here. They live in fear every day. I had to fold my hands to request the hospital staff to admit the lady.”

A K Tiwari, CMO of the district hospital confirmed the incident. A committee of three people has been constituted by the hospital to investigate the couple’s allegations.

He said, “As soon as we got to know about it, we directed a committee to investigate the matter. The enquiry will take three days and then we will take an appropriate action”.

Kalim Shah, the victim’s husband has filed a complaint against the doctor to constitute an investigation in Betul Police station.

Ratnakar Hingve, Station House Officer told, “We have registered a complaint under section 294, 323 and 506, as per the couple’s ordeal. Investigation is initiated; the required action will be taken”.

Source The Congnate

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