An informal school initiated by AMU students, another step towards Sir Syed’s vision


SOCH…beyond the imagination, a registered NGO run by the students of Aligarh Muslim University opens an informal school for poor children in Shahanshahbad, a slum area located in the outskirts of Aligarh.

Amood Gulzar told us that the SOCH Literacy School will be inaugurated today (i.e. 17 October) on the eve of Sir Syed Day by Dr Shahid Jamal.

“It’s a tribute to Janab Sir Syed Aleh’rehma”, says Saleem Mohammad Khan, president of SOCH.


This initiative of the students has marked a remarkable step on the vision of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.
“We’re proud that the students of Aligarh Muslim University are taking up their responsibility in such way. This is truly an appreciable step”, says Altaf Hussain, an Old Boy of Aligarh Muslim University.

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