Two Years of Delhi Pogrom, Survival Awaits Justice

A group presented the findings of the report in a press conference in Delhi on Monday, which consisted of former Indian ambassador Deb Mukharji, former Union home secretary Gopal Pillai, historian Mridula Mukherjee, senior journalist and researcher Pamela Philipose, and writer and former member of Planning Commission of India Syeda Hameed.

समस्तीपुर में ‘गौमांस’ के नाम पर हुई खलील की हत्या क्या है सच? | ग्राउंड रिपोर्ट

लेकिन साल 2022 में बिहार में ‘गौरक्षा’ का मामला फिर से चर्चा में है. वजह है समस्तीपुर में हुई एक हत्या. 16 फ़रवरी 2022 को समस्तीपुर के मुसरीघरारी में रहने वाले खलील को अगवा कर लिया जाता है. खलील जब काफ़ी देर तक घर वापस नहीं आते हैं तो खलील की पत्नी उन्हें कॉल करती हैं तो कोई व्यक्ति फ़ोन उठा कर कहता है- “खलील अब वापस नहीं आएगा अगर ज़िन्दा देखना है तो 2 लाख 70 हज़ार रुपया दो.”

Who Killed Student Activist Anish Khan?

A student activist named Anish Khan (23) was brutally murdered at his home in West Bengal’s Howrah district in the early hours of Saturday, February 19th 2022. Anish Khan’s murder has sparked a large-scale students’ protest at the Aliah University of Kolkata, where he was enrolled in an integrated five-year-long Master of Business Administration (MBA) Course.

Serious Criminal Charges Against 17% Of Candidates Polling In Phase 3 of UP Elections 2022

As many as 135, or 22%, of the 623 candidates contesting in the third phase of Assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh have criminal cases against them, non-profit organisation the Association for Democratic Reforms said on Tuesday. It also said that 103, or 17%, have serious criminal cases like those of murder, kidnapping and rape registered against them.