#CommercialsForChange | TV Ads are Important and It Should not Continue Without Becoming Gender Sensitive

I will never watch a commercial ad with my parents again!

The campaign, She Is Married Not Dead @DaughterForever recently started a petition asking the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) @ascionline to review its guidelines set for the advertisement companies and agencies to become more gender-sensitive. 

“Over the years, matrimony brands have taken a very narrow creative approach and it has always been about the girl or her father trying to search for the prospective groom”

Sign the Petition – https://www.change.org/CommercialsForChange

But it’s just not about matrimonial ads; any random advertisement comes on the screen does carry some or other gender biases. These advertisements project women as dependent and weaker.

The petitioner, Ananya Saha appeals, “The Advertising Standard Council of India must remove gender stereotypes and enhance the public’s confidence in advertising. Thereby issuing a gender sensitive guideline for the advertising companies and also to accredit them who are doing it.

For ASCI to become a more responsive and powerful body, it must ensure better regulation”

The campaign has also made some suggestions for the ASCI. Click on the link to read the suggestions.  https://www.change.org/CommercialsForChange

What is ASCI – The Advertising Standard Council of India (ASCI) is a non-government, self-regulatory voluntary organization of the advertising industry. It was established in 1985 to protect the interest of the consumers. ASCI declares that it seeks to ensure that advertisements conform to its Code for Self-Regulation, which requires advertisements to be legal, decent, honest and truthful and not hazardous or harmful while observing fairness in competition. ASCI looks into complaints across ALL MEDIA such as Print, TV, Radio, hoardings, SMS, Emailers, Internet/website, product packaging, brochures, promotional material and point of sale material and other.

She is Married Not Dead – She is Married, not dead is a campaign started by social activist and Filmmaker Pranay Manjari in the year 2018. The campaign aims to change the mindset and work for gender equality in society. The campaign advocates for the recognition and the rights of the married women.

The campaign now gradually has turned into a community of dreamers, change-makers and civil and human rights activists. 

On this 10th Dec’ 2020, UN Human Rights Day the community has started the #CommercialsForChange campaign to address the projected biases shown in daily advertisements. They had started a letter to the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) to declare ‘the cultural practice of preventing married womxn to meet their own parents and/ supporting them financially as a violation of human rights’ and followed by launching a petition to ASCI.

To know more about the campaign click here @daughterforever | Linktree

The Community of Citizens Together endorse the petition and support the campaign in achieving a gender-equal society.

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