Supporting Farmers is not Sedition | BJP Must Stop Terrorizing Indian Youngsters

Nikita, Shantanu, Disha creators of the document that led to Jan 26 violence, said Delhi Police today in the Press Brief.

22 years old, Environment Activist Disha Ravi was arrested by the Delhi Police on 13th of the February from Bengaluru in connection to the “toolkit” shared by teen climate activist Greta Thunberg and others on Twitter to show support for the farmers’ protest.

“I was just supporting farmers.” She added that she didn’t create the toolkit, and just made two edits to it. She broke down at Delhi court on Sunday where she denied being part of any conspiracy. She has been sent to Five-day police custody on Sunday. 

What is this Toolkit?

A toolkit, simply put, is a document created to explain any issue. It also provides information on what one needs to do to address the issue. This might include information about petitions, details about protests and mass movements and so on.

The toolkit that Thunberg shared, tries to “explain the farmers’ protests” in the national capital.

“This is a document meant to enable anyone unfamiliar with the ongoing farmers protests in India to better understand the situation and make decisions on how to support the farmers based on their analysis,” the toolkit states.

The toolkit then goes on to summarise the situation of farmers in India and talks about the Centre’s recent agriculture legislations.

“Instead of being supported to become self-reliant and prosperous, a majority of farmers are increasingly being subjected to the control of large corporations and international institutions whose sole focus is profits, and necessarily involves increased exploitation of nature,” the toolkit states.

It further lists out what actions one can take to support the farmers’ protests and the Delhi Police is currently trying to ascertain who created it.

Read the Toolkit Yourself 

Warrants are also out against activists Nikita Jacob and Shantanu and they face charges that are not bailable. Meanwhile, Nikita Jacob has approached the Bombay High Court for protection from arrest for four weeks.

Narendra Modi led BJP government in the past couple of years frequently detaining youths and charging them with laws like sedition. Indian government crackdown on Activists, Journalist is a crackdown on Freedom of Speech. The government with all its force trying hard to terrorize every single voice of dissent and in this list long Human Rights Activist who became the target of the state few more names has been added. 

Sign this petition to demand the release of Disha Ravi – 

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