About Us

‘Of The Citizens’ is a community of young changemakers, human rights defenders and dreamers aligning together for an equal world.

We believe in and work towards supporting citizens in reclaiming and regaining their rights ensured to them by the Constitution of India under the democratic framework.

Our digital media platform amplifies the voices calling out for their rights through strong advocacy and outreach. Every voice deserves to be heard.

Meet The Team

Anwarul Hoda

Anwarul Hoda is a filmmaking trainer and a journalist. He is also the managing editor of National India News and works with human rights based organisation Video Volunteers in Goa. He is the founder of Of The Citizens.

Danish Ahmad

Danish Ahmad is a research scholar in economics. His expertise includes monitoring corporate governance and neo-liberal economic policies. He curates content for our Twitter handle

Md Kaikubad Ali

Md Kaikubad Ali is an ICSSR Post-doctoral Fellow; with a PhD in Geography. He is an education activist and furiously writes on urbanisation, education, climate change, policy and governance. He also assists us in content development.

Nilankur Das

Nilankur is one of the founders of ‘Thus Critique’ that initiates dialogues and presents alternative views in the field of culture, politics, environment, business, art and music. He also writes a fortnightly column and anchors a weekly TV show for O Herald, a Goa-based Newspaper and Digital Channel, and works with the Video Volunteers as an Assistant Advocacy Manager. He manages Outreach for Of The Citizens.

Shafaque Zehra

Shafaque Zehra is a doctoral fellow at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi with her masters in English literature. Her research focuses on decoding the portrayal of marginalised communities in the light of psycho-semiotic theories. Shafaque will be copy-editing our content

Shreya M

Shreya is a founder of Paaq  Bandhu, an online forum for dialogue between India and Pakistan based on art.  A feminist in spirit she believes in creative resistance. Shreya will be proofreading our content.


Swati is a literature enthusiast and has a PhD in Hindi. She writes poems and articles on feminism and development. She hosts video podcasts, talks, and interviews. She also leads the Hindi segment.

Trevor J Raj

Trevor J Raj is a Doctoral Scholar at ASPECT (the Alliance for Social, Political, Ethical, and Cultural Thought), Virginia Tech, US. He is a mental health advocate and hosts video podcasts, dialogues and conversations on the same.