The Popular Front Demands Strong Action Against RSS Leaders and Criminals In Connection to Merciless Killing of Sameer Shahpur of Karnataka

Nasir Pasha, General Secretary, Popular Front Karnataka has demanded immediate stringent actions against the leaders of the Sangh Parivar in the case of the murder of a Muslim Boy Sameer Shahpur in Naragunda of Gadag district, Karnataka.

Youth Can Decide Who to Vote, They Can Also Decide What to Watch, Said Munwar Faruqui Days After his Shows gets Cancelled Following the Threats from Bajrang Dal

Faruqui said that following his arrest and bail, he has performed in 50 shows and in 90 per cent of them, he got a standing ovation. "The audience doesn't care who belongs to which religion or caste. There are no comments on any religion in my shows," he said.