Bihari v/s Baahri, writes Ghazanfer Afroz

bihar elections

More ego centric than development based, Bihar’s election has become testing lab for different rotted gimmickry withered away the hyped, fancied, enchanting and fantasized beautiful bride “the development”. The election is being fought on Bihari vs Bahri, Polarization and Counter polarization,Caste conflict, Past prejudices, jungle raj, mangal raj and mandal raj; verbal abuse, Pakistan as metaphor, Spirituality and Aastha bla bla bla. Who is going to win?, let’s the people decide.But the major cause of concern is , where we are heading forth; do we are ushering in the new era of nation in the making,which Nehru talked about” that India is not a nation but nation in the making, and election is training process….” or we are heading towards the cultural nationalism of RSS’s,(so called largest social cultural organization in the world ) founding father.Every sensible citizen of this nation state feels, we are heading towards national disintegration and every party is responsible for it.One can win the election but not the hearts, must for nationalism.India’s strength is in its multiculturalism and pluralistic society, then only we can stand as a nation.
One must learn the lesson from history, whenever Marx’s opium dominated the political affairs,dark age ushered.Keep aside Muslims, they are in miserable condition, even below than the socio-economic conditions of Dalits as per Sachhar Committee report, But for the larger interest of India as nation state, it’s the need of hour to address every sections of society, if they are economically and socially on the fringe.If some groups of intellectuals feel that, if something happened in past,and govt. revert it back, its okay.I got some very interesting feed back from my earlier post, that i must not comment on P.M. and must not bring to RSS under question.
Really India needs a lot of jaagruktaa, has it become a theological state virtually or rational democratic state?
We are under screening.

writes Ghazanfer Afroz

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