In Last 13 Years, Neither SIT nor Justice Could be Found in Batla House Fake Encounter Case

Today marks the 13th year of the Batla House Fake encounter. On September 19, 2008, the encounter took place in the Batla House area, near Jamila Millia Islamia University after six days of five blasts happened in Delhi in which 30 people were killed. The armed operation was led by Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma and his team of seven members of Delhi police.

In the armed operation, two Muslims Atif Amin and Mohammad Sajjad were killed in broad daylight. Inspector Mohan Chand also died during the operation. Delhi Police later arrested two more people from the scene and one of them, Ariz Khan recently convicted for the murder of Inspector Mohan Chand. 

Civil rights Activist and Poet Nabiya Khan Tweets, “13 years of Batla House fake encounter. 13 years of denial of justice to the victims. 13 years of state-sponsored murder of two Muslim students & vilification of thousands. Years and years of islamophobia, criminalization and injustice against Muslims”

The alleged encounter led to the countrywide discrimination and dehumanization of Muslims. Especially the Muslims of Azamgarh, Jamia Millia Islamia and Jamia Nagar faced brutal forms of persecution and terror. 

Activist and media person Asad Asharaf tweets “It was 19th September 2008, that changed the lives of many of us living in Jamia Nagar. It was on this day 13 years when Batla House encounter took place.” 

After 13 years of cold blood murder of two Muslim youth and the demonization of Indian Muslims at large several Human Rights body, Civil rights organizations and Student groups demand the independent judicial inquiry into Batla House Fake Encounter.  

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