Modi’s Achievements or utter lies, explains AMU student


In last few days, BJPians are spreading a message which claims to be achievements of Modi ji during foreign tours.

But when my researches went through the facts, they proved to be just utter lies.
Have a point by point lookout 

  • “On-Time Delivery Premium charges” on Crude Oil – Young Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan & External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj sealed the deal, saved the country thousands of crores.
  • India will build 4 Hydroelectric power stations + Dams in Bhutan (India will get lion’s share in Green energy that will be produced in future from these projects) .
  • India will build Biggest ever dam of Nepal (China was trying hard to get that) – India will get 83% Green energy produce from that hydro power station for free – in future. . . . .
  • Increased relationship with Japan and they agreed to invest $ 30 Billion in DMIC (Delhi – Mumbai Investment Corridor). That’s Rs 200,000 crores by today’s exchange rates….. . .
  • Increased strategic relationship with Vietnam and Vietnam has now agreed to give contract of Oil exploration to ONGC-Videsh (UPA was not ready to take this at all because they were worried about China – and getting into a conflict of interests on south China sea). The UPA had always been on the backfoot about every aspect of foreign policy. . .
  • Increase Oil Imports from Iran, despite the ban by USA. . Iran agreed to sell in Indian Rupees and it saved our Forex, not just for now, but protected India from future currency fluctuations. India also gets to build “Chabahar” port of Iran, encircling Pakistan. Because we well have exclusive access for our Naval ships in this port. . .
  • India – Australia (NaMo is first PM to visit Australia after 28 yrs), despite Australia being a major supplier of Coal & Uranium. . . NaMo was able to convince Tony Abbott and now Australia will supply Uranium for our energy production. . . .
  • China leaning President Rajapakse lost elections in Sri Lanka – Remember UPA lost “Hambantota” port development – read latest report of CIA, where they mention RAW has played a major role in power shift of Sri Lanka. Now Modi has confirmed he is visiting Sri Lanka in April. And Sri Lanka has backed out of Chinese contract and shifted to Indian project managers. . .
  • With China, as Trade Deficit was increasing, NaMo forced their hand. Anti-Dumping will come soon so China will invest heavily into India. – China has already committed $ 20 billion Investment in India. That’s nearly ₹140,000 crores. . . .
  • On Security – I think adding Ajit Doval to his team is the best decision by NaMo. See the recent tie-up with Pentagon, Israel & Japan. . . Remember I. K. Gujaral as PM stopped RAW’s offensive operations in foreign countries. . Now see how we stopped the Terror Boat and listen to his words … “Any Mumbai like attack from Pakistan and Pakistan will lose Baluchistan!” That’s the language of deterrence that I want to hear as an Indian. We won’t hit first, but if you do, we surely won’t turn the other cheek…. . . .
  • India approved the border road in the NorthEast and around India- China border – Remember just because of China’s opposition, the ADB (Asian Development Bank) didn’t give us funds during UPA regime and UPA held that file under “Environment Ministry control – Remember the infamous “JAYANTHI TAX “? No one bothered about the disastrous effect on our armed forces. . . .
  • India managed to bring back 4,500+ Indians from War zone in Yemen and also brought foreign nationals of 41 different countries, which put India’s name onto the highest platform globally in conducting that rescue mission – PM Narendra Modi specially talked to the new Saudi Arabian king Salman and told him to allow Indian Airforce planes to fly – as Saudi Arabia was attacking on Yemen and Yemen skies was declared NO-FLY Zone: thanks to this we got an assured clear window of a few hours and guys guess who coordinated this? Ajit Doval, Sushama Swaraj and Gen V K Singh. All in person…. When was the last time you ever heard of ministers involved personally in such efforts that didn’t fetch thousands of crores?? Guess the religion of those rescued?? But it isn’t secular to mention that most of those rescued from Yemen or earlier from Iraq weren’t Hindus at all.. . .
  • India’s Air defense was getting weaker by the day, UPA was very happy to let it happen despite repeated specific inputs from the armed forces, NaMo renegotiated Rafale fighter Jets deal with France personally and bought 36 Jets on ASAP basis. At better than rack rates. No middlemen, no commissions… . . .
  • For the first time after 42 yrs Indian Prime Minister visited Canada not to attend some meeting but as a specific state visit, in a Bilateral deal, India was able convince to Canada to supply Uranium for India’s Nuclear reactors for next 5 years. It will be of great help to resolve India’s Power problems. . . .
  • Canada approves visa on arrival for all Indian tourists. . . .
  • Till recently we were exclusively buying Nuclear Reactors from Russia or USA and it was much like beggar kind of situation because they were worried about usage of Nuclear reactor for some other use. So only what they opted to give us, we could get. . Now Narendra Modi was able to convince France and now France will make Nuclear reactors with the latest technology in India. On MAKE IN INDIA efforts.. with collaboration with an Indian company as a partner. . .
  • During 26th Jan. visit of Barack Obama, NaMo convinced USA to drop rule of nuclear fuel tracking and sorted out Liabilities rules which now open the gates for next 16 Nuclear power plant projects. . . . Isn’t this good enough to improve the lot of India?? . .



  1. Yes Petroleum Ministry did want this Premium to go away as was previous government and he pitched it to Oil Producing nations but wasn’t agreed or finalised.
    Saudi Arabia has no reason to cut this when demand for oil has been low, in fact they have increased the Premium for Asian Countries.
  2. Yes India agreed to build four more hydroelectric stations in Bhutan but this nothing great. India already in agreement to build 10 hydroelectric power stations in Bhutan which was finalised in April 2010, construction of which is underway for almost 3 years and is ready for commissioning in 2017.
  3. Yes India has made an agreement with Nepal to help them build them dam to generate power but this is nothing great to be proud of as the previous govt has build many dams across Himachal Pradesh and Kashmir. This is the culmination of years of negotiation. The Nepalese government agreed to allow GMR in 2008 to construct the 900-megawatt Upper Karnali hydroelectric power plant in the northwest. But the project was delayed as the nascent republic was mired in instability with six government changes in as many years. Nepalese political parties also demanded greater benefits for Nepal from the scheme that is mainly aimed at exporting electricity to India.
  4. Japan has been a close ally of India thanks to Manmohan Singh who was awarded the highest honor of the country for this extraordinary done to bring these two countries closer. He was awarded this after he left his office. Japan has been investing in India for past 11 years. In 2005, Japan invested around $2 billion and increased it to $25 billion in 2013-14. During his Visit in 2010, Manmohan singh made an agreement with Japan to abolish customs duties on 94 per cent of trade between the two nations over the next decade. As per the agreement, tariffs will be removed on almost 90 per cent of Japan’s exports to India and 97 per cent of India’s exports to Japan. They are many more but I am just giving brief. Even if it was HD Deve Gowda, Japan would have welcomed him and agreed on that because of relationship MMS has created with them. Well $35 billion is for five years for various projects including smart cities and clean ganga project not specifically as mentioned for DMIC. Over the last 5 years Japan has invested more than the agreed amount even when Japan was in recession during this period. Enough Said.
  5. ONGC-Videsh has been involved in Vietnam for quite a few years already. Indian Navy often sailed to Japan & Vietnam through the South China Sea even during the UPA to let them know what our interests are and to what extent we can go to achieve them. Now coming to the point, Vietnam gave ONGC the contract during MMS period in April 2014 while contracts have been given to ONGC before that as well.
  6. It was a decision taken by the UPA near the end of its regime as US had put Iran under sanctions. Manmohan’s clear response to Obama’s threats was a simple “It’s between Iran and us, you keep away!” (Not exact words, but the same spirit in a diplomatic tone.) It was MMS who pushed this deal. Also, the Chhabar Port is a very old project. India built a part of it in 1990s, and we’re building another phase of it now. It was finalised, again, by Manmohan Singh.
7. The Famous Nuclear agreement between US and India is signed under MMS. After which MMS negotiated with Australia who were reluctant to sell but later on agreed after many talks.
After several talks with Canada, they agreed to selling Uranium and the agreement was finalised in 2013.

  1. China has stopped investment and construction of the port and hence Sri lanka is looking at India but nothing been talked nor finalised as of now regarding this nor this is something great to talk about India.
  2. China display’s map of India without J&K and Arunachal Pradesh, China issues stapled visa to Indian citizens of Arunachal Pradesh, China investing in PoK and our great PM has agreed for Visa on arrival for the Chinese; this despite severe opposition from intelligence agencies, the defence ministry and the home ministry. The bilateral trade between India and China is around $100 billion in 2013-14. China has been investing in India heavily since a decade and this pledge of $20 billion over next five years nothing great to be proud of considering the trade between these two countries has been more than $100 billion in previous year and also considering China is investing more than $46 billion in Pakistan.
  3. This is utter nonsense. Terror Boat has been biggest fake incident of last year. Fisherman boat of Pakistan was killed which is turn is harassing and arresting Indian fisherman. Well there has been more soldiers killed in border in terrorist attacks than in last several years yet Modi and Nawaz sharif exchanged saris and fed biryani to Pak PM.
  4. Approval and completion of projects are two different things. It will be considered an achievement if and when it is completed. Well the road project in North east was commenced during UPA rule and since North East terrains are risky terrain for road construction, the progress is slow.
  5. In operation Safe Home Coming in 2011 over 15000 Indians were evacuated from Libya. In operation Sukoon in 2006 over 2280 people including Sri Lankans, Nepalese and Lebanese people were evacuated from Lebanon. In 1990 the largest air evacuation in history 1,70,000 Indians were evacuated from Kuwait, this feat is unparalleled and entered in the Guinness book of world records. This was done as duty by our armed forces and the respective governments at that time. Only publicity hungry, megalomaniac like Modi will beat his 56″ chest and take credit for everything.
  6. The defence minister (the only minister in Modis cabinet who knows something) had proposed increasing the number of Su 30 MKI’s instead of the uber expensive Rafale. But Modi overruled him and ordered 36 Rafale fighter jets. Note; the deal is only for the fighters, does not include missiles or any ordinance, we will now be forced to buy them at super high prices as none of our existing missiles of smart ammunition are compatible with it. We have now added one more type to our already ridiculous diverse fleet of fighters with associated headache of logistics, training, syllabus, spares, ammunitions, etc. All this when our very own fighter Tejas is ready to be inducted in large numbers.
    During MMS regime, France has agreed to transfer technology for producing many more Rafales in India and Modi went and did outright purchase while he was propagating Make In India. Irony just died there.
  7. After several talks with Canada, they agreed to selling Uranium and the agreement was finalised in 2013.
  8. It’s the other way round; India is giving Canadians Visa on Arrival.
  9. Yes and all these years scientist from BARC and NPCIL were twiddling their thumbs and playing with Lego toy block, waiting for Modi to visit France.
    Well, India has signed a deal to buy nuclear reactors from France, following talks between President Nicolas Sarkozy and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Delhi way back in 2010.
  10. The rest of the world has stopped constructing new nuclear power plants and are closing down their existing one. India is now the new dumping ground for the West to dump their nuclear power plant.
    Does the writer even know what is the Civil Liability for Nuclear Damage (CLND) Act is and what it means.

Taking credit for things Modi and his government have not done or just plain chest thumping when previous governments have done the same things better without making a song and dance about it.

This is long article which has been written with inputs from Quora, Facebook and other sources. I am thankful to all of those whose inputs have been used to write this.

-Amood Gulzar

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