September 2014:
Abdullah Hall:
the campus flooded with the posters of ‘vote, support and dua’, rallies, candidates buzzing around to catch the slightest niche for themselves, students election abuzz, candidates found roaming around with most amiable smiles and godlike magical solutions to all their questions.
April 2015:
a random room in Abdullah Hall:
“suno ye womens union pe report ka article wagera ab chod do, bekaar ka time pass hai. Hum log hi bewkoof the, chale the inke kagaz k plane pe udne” (leave this article of annual report of women’s union, its a useless time pass we are the real fools that dreamt to fly on their paper planes)
Welcome To Abdullah Hall, the youngest democracy in AMU.
With literally no surprise, the women’s union, at the end of the day proved to be a complete failure. The political year started with the most controversial issue of the year-the access of girls to Maulana Azad Library, where the irresponsible statements of the members of union provided fuel to the media in questioning the legacy of this esteemed university; not to forget their diplomatic behavior by protesting against the media when the reports came out. the funnier part is that the union adds the permission granted by the university to allow the residents of Abdullah hall to MAL, as their achievement. Irresponsible Statements, self contradicting protests and finally taking credits- sounds so politic, isn’t it?
Another feather that the union adds to their cap is making the Cultural Education Center accessible to hall residents; the truth being – it was a result of a mass movement by the residents, which was initiated by a second year resident of the hall (who took the guts to meet the pro.VC and discuss the issue).
“We not only did make CEC accessible to girls, but also made sure that they have a convenience to reach there.” says a office bearer of Wom-en’s College Union says in a casual conversation. On the ground level the buses never came regularly and the end of the year, CEC members were funding the bus by themselves, no idea where did the funds of the union go.
Talking about funds, according to an RTI filed by a student of Women’s College, the students union of women’s college withdrew only 1.35 lakh for the session which included One thousand for literary events and Thirty five thousand for contingency. It still remains a question that, why did the union at the first place, withdraw such a small sum of mon-ey for the development and maintenance of a place that has around 3000 resident and 2000 non resident students. furthermore, no visible use of those 1.35 lakhs is still found.
By:Shafaque Zehra

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