There is a Spy in Your Pocket – Edward Snowden Talks about Pegasus Spyware and Cyber Surveillances

Who is Edward Snowden?

In 2013, The Guardian broke the news that the NSA was collecting phone records of millions of Americans from telecom service provider Verizon. It was further revealed that the intelligence agency was tapping servers of Facebook, Google and Microsoft to track Americans’ online activities.

Subsequently, The Guardian revealed its source of information, and named Snowden as the whistle-blower who leaked information on these surveillance programmes.

The documents leaked by Snowden showed the NSA and its counterpart in the UK, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), had found ways to bypass the encryption offered to consumers by various companies on the Internet.

The surveillance programme was not only limited to ordinary American citizens, but also foreign leaders such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Edward Snowden was interviewed by Paul Lewis, head of investigations at The Guardian.

It is being shared by The Wire as part of its ongoing collaboration with the Pegasus Project.

In the interview Snowden said that spyware is everywhere. “This is an industry that should not exist.” The NSO group is one among many and if one company smells this bad what’s happening with all the others?

What the Pegasus project has revealed is a sector where the only products are infection vectors. They are not security products, they don’t make vaccines, and the only thing they sell is virus.  

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