Why Muslim Women are on the Targets of Hindutva fanatics?

The Bulli Bai app case is one of the most disturbing cases I have come across. And the way the media is covering it causing a huge impact on girls living in second and third-tier cities as well. Girls in small towns are afraid as we are discussing.

The clouds of unemployment which covered the crime easily as one of the aftermaths of having unemployed youths in the country, is something which distracted us to notice that who are these unemployed people?

In this Bulli Bai case, all the five accused are educated one of them, the fifth one Neeraj Singh from Odisha is coming with an MBA degree, another one of them is pursuing Engineering. And this made me think where is the hate leading our young people?

Why did these educated minds are filled with hatred against Muslims? The attacks made on Muslim women was clearly to humiliate the Muslims in India.

In this patriarchal society, it’s easy to attack and humiliate women. Women are the soft target for many centuries. Even Eve is accused of forcing Adam led to the curse and expulsion from heaven.

Coming back to our subject I need to ask why Muslim women are the targets of Hindutva fanatics? Why it’s so easy to question the integrity of Muslims? Why Muslims in India are constantly treated as second-grade citizens? What happened in Dharma Sansad last month sums up the grown hatred towards Muslims and state incompetency to ensure a safe environment for its Muslim citizens

Religion does not talk about hate and violence. The utmost teaching of any religion is the service of mankind. And Indian constitution through its articles grants freedom to practice ones own religion. The most ridiculous thing Hindutva fanatics did in the name of Dharm Sansad is normalized hate. The open call for arm violence against Muslims has encouraged the belief there is nothing wrong in hating and attacking fellow Muslims.

Due to such events, Sulli Deals and Bulli Bai apps came into existence.

A section of media carried stories and tried to justify the disgusting act of Shweta, one of the people behind the Bulli Bai app. The media published reports that the early deaths of her parents were somehow responsible for the circumstances that led to creating the Bulli Bai app.

A couple of self-proclaimed personnel asked to provide Shweta with counselling instead of punishments.

I personally felt sad for her but nobody has the right to play with the dignities of other women. But the larger question is the soft corner people possess whenever an accused or a criminal commits a crime against Muslims. We have seen criminals who hacked a Muslim was celebrated and pushed to contest elections. Another criminal enjoys mass support when arrested.

However, opposite to this when Muslims stand up for their rights they are easily branded as Anti National. Why don’t see such soft corners for Gulfisha Fatima and other women who stood up for constitutional rights?

India is slowly becoming an ethnocracy and there is an ongoing ideological war that aims to eliminate every contrary opinion or idea.

The Hindutva fanatics are brainwashing the youngsters and turning them into living monsters. The Values like freedom, liberty and secularism are being questioned. And the rights defenders are put behind the bars.

After the seven decades of independence democracy of India has become knotty riddles. But I recall Faiz poem ‘Hum Dekhenge’ and I still see hope. I believe this shall too pass.

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