Why Nobody Writes About Athar Khan? The Forgotten Hero of Anti – CAA NRC Protests

My son is not associated with any organization, yet he went to oppose these laws because these laws are wrong.

-Noorjahan, Mother of Activist Athar Khan

Last year in September Delhi police filed a 1700-page charge-sheet in connection with Delhi violence against 15 people, mostly young Muslims who all happened to be Anti-CAA protestors. The charges were made under draconian law Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act UAPA, various Indian Penal Code sections and Arms Act for larger conspiracy in the February violence.

Among these 15, the name of Athar Khan is least talked, heard and known. He was detained by Delhi Police on July 2nd, 2020 and he is wrongfully imprisoned for last more than 300 days.  

Have we heard of Athar Khan along with the more famous Sharjeel, Umar, Khalid, Devangana and others? No. Why? Because he comes from a family that can’t afford expensive lawyers as his father runs a small spices store. – Muzammil Imam

25 -Years old Athar Khan is pursuing distance education in Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) from Sikkim Manipal University when the Anti-CAA NRC protests took all over the country. And he became the part of the Chand Bagh, protest site by supervising the stage. 

No wonder, an activist who has no social or economic capital and who has no organizational support never trends on social media. Nobody writes about him. – Muzammil Imam

Noorjahan, the mother of Athar Khan talked about his son in a virtual program organized by the Student of Islamic Organization (SIO) to remember all political prisoners who were active in the Anti-CAA NRC Protest. “My son is living a life for many months he does not deserve. This is our first Ramzan when he is not with us. I am sad that he is in jail but not ashamed. I am proud of my son.”

Afzal Khan, father of Athar in a Facebook post mentioned that the Jamat-e-Islami and United Against Hate is looking into the legal issues and other matters of my son. 

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