A message to the government:


29th of July was an important day for we Indians. This day India witnessed a human hanging to death. Yes, I’m talking about Yakub Memon. Yes! I dared to call him a human because I know he was a human much before he is a terrorist. But I don’t believe that he is a terrorist not because I’m a Muslim but because he surrendered himself to the police or the CBI or whatever.

I remember Mahatma Gandhi said-“hate sin; not the sinner.”

Moreover eminent personalities like Shashi Tharoor, Markanjey Katju and many more don’t want him to get hanged. I don’t know what proves were put up in the court during his trial that he lost his way to mercy plea and I know that 90% of the Indians don’t know that. We people only get to know you decision or choice.

Tell me one thing. What is the difference between a thief who has stolen Rs 100 and thief who has stolen Rs 1000?

No difference. Both are thieves. Both have stolen. Both have done the same sin. Both are wrong.

Then why there is a difference between a murderer of ten and a murderer of ten hundred?

There are hundreds of politicians, leaders and celebrities out on bail having same charges on them as Yakub has on him.

I have just a little more than no knowledge of law as do the 99% of our population. The general population of our country doesn’t talk on law but on moral grounds, emotio0ns and sentiments. I bet you no Indian wants you to kill the terrorists. Everyone wants you to kill the terrorism. Killing one terrorist won’t kill the terrorism. A doctor doesn’t kills the cancer patient instead he tries to kill the cancer cells.

The families of the victims have nothing to do with the Yakub’s dead body. The way they were living after those unfortunate attacks until now and the way they will be living after Yakub’s death will be same. Killing Osama Bin Laden didn’t kill terrorism. Taliban is still fiercely doing what Osama wanted.

Killing a terrorist who surrendered himself is not at all acceptable. You killed Yakub Memon and maybe in future you may be able to kill a few more like him. It will further promote a bad idea of not surrendering (if anyone wants to) because they know they’ll be hanged. A terrorist will find himself more comfortable to live like a terrorist than getting surrendered and hung to death. Everyone wants to live after all.

We the middle class Indians have nothing nto do with the complexities of law and judiciary. If we did so, we wouldn’t have voted for you on your speeches. We wouldn’t have asked you to grant bail to our favorite actor Salman Khan. We did so, you know! We talk on emotions.“Kabhi Hmari bhi sun ke dekho!!”

An Indian teenager (17 years)

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