Maulana Amir Rashadi speaks on Hashimpura massacre


Team Connectink: Recently you had been to Hashimpura, what observations you made there?

Maulana Amir Rashadi: I had planned to visit Hashimpura but unfortunately because of some political issues I had to postpone but i suggested our Delhi Pradesh president to visit there and to look at the entire matter, what are their needs and how we can help them.

Team Connectink: What is your opinion on Indian judiciary System after the decision on Hashimpura verdict?

Maulana Amir Rashadi: this judiciary is totally biased, the judgment in this particular case is blindly given. I want to ask a question to that mendacious judge through Connectink, if these PAC are not guilty then who is? Are those were aliens? How can they acquit those murderers when there enough evidences are available? Judge even ignores the statement of SP, why that judge doesn’t ask for that truck in which PAC jawans carried those 50 innocent Young bloods. Enough evidence is available but this is government and judiciary who don’t want to give justice.

Team Connectink: What is the reaction of people of Hashimpura on this judgment?

Maulana Amir Rashadi:  The entire Muslim of this country is suffering in the fight of Secularism versus Communalism. Muslims are in suspicion whether they will get justice or not. This judgment has disappointed and I would like to request specially to the youngsters as they are much active to come forward for the fight of justice.

Team Connectink : What is Your comment on the way this case was dealt by the investigative agency and public prosecutor?

Maulana Amir Rashadi:  within a week of Hashimpura incident the case was transferred to CID and it took a very long period to investigate. At every stage they tried to protect the accused and did completely a biased job.

Team Connectink: Recently Modi made a statement that judiciary should be perfect and powerful. How you relate this to Hashimpura judgement?

Maulana Amir Rashadi:  what he said is truth and i hope this must not be the “JUMLA” . If judiciary would not be perfect and powerful then corruption and injustice will prevail as we can see in this case. I support his remark if he doesn’t have any political intention behind.

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