AMU students facing administrational mishandling at AMU Kishanganj centre

The students of MBA Ist semester at Kishanganj centre are facing mental and physical torture on part of misbehaviour by
a professor Miss Farha Rashid. Miss Farha Rashid uses filthy words in class, for the parents of students and on complaining she mentally harasses
them on career grounds. She even raided the girls’ hostel, for no reason, at night with the director and misbehaved with the girl students throwing and mishandling their things.

It is very difficult for the students to carry on their studies in such an atmosphere. The students reported the matter to
the Director but no action was taken against her instead the students peacefully protesting at dharna were thrashed by the police. A girl student has been hospitalized due to severe thrashing by police.  It has also been reported to the AMU administration , Aligarh but the students
are still waiting for justice.

kishan ganj p.jpg

( in pic local police thrashing a student sitting at dharna)

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