Delhi Police Detained Activists for Protesting Against Tripura Violence

A number of youngsters have been detained by the Delhi police for protesting against the Hindutva violence in Tripura. The protest had been organized by Fraternity Movement, a youth organization, in front of Tripura Bhavan in Delhi on Friday.

The youth organisation staged a protest against the anti-Muslim violence in Tripura

where several mosques vandalized and Muslim residents attacked. Many activists from different universities were detained at the protest site including Fraternity Movement national secretary Aysha Renna, national secretary member Waseem RS and national general council member Fayiza CA. Reports suggest that they have been taken to Mandir Marg police station after being detained.

The right-wing groups across the northeast state reportedly vandalized mosques, houses and shops belonging to the Muslim community there. 27 verified incidents of mob violence and an incident of right-wing groups attacking three houses in Panisagar and molesting women were also reported.

Fraternity Movement along with other organisations held Protest against Tripura Violence at Tripura bhawan, New Delhi and in Gangapur City, Rajasthan. Many of activists and leaders brutally assaulted and manhandled by Delhi Police.

Here are some of photos from today’s protest

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