Empower Our Farmers; An appeal from Greenpeace India

Millions of our farmers still live in poverty and massive debts in India. In an atmosphere of rising diesel and electricity costs, they are under the added burden¹ to fuel irrigation pumps. However, if KUSUM scheme is implemented, farmers can install solar irrigation pumps and save massively on irrigation costs.

In many ways, we are a technologically advanced country but do you know, over half of our population depends on agriculture for their livelihood? That is double the population of U.S. This isn’t bad news but an opportunity for a prospering nation.

India spends about 25% of our electricity to run irrigation pumps². The government scheme KUSUM will bring subsidies to farmers for installation of solar irrigation pumps. These pumps can provide all-day power, enough to both irrigate agricultural fields and also power farmers’ homes. In fact, these pumps can generate enough energy for farmers to sell some to electricity boards and make extra income.

Then what is the issue?

Do you know that a simple, low-cost solar pumping system for irrigation has the potential to completely revolutionise farming in India? Water pumps powered by solar PV panels can improve the lives of lakhs of farmers in India and also help the country become a global solar energy champion!

KUSUM (Kisan Urja Suraksha Evam Utthaan Mahaabhiyan) is a government scheme which aims to incentivise farmers to run solar water pumps and use barren land for generating solar power to have extra income.

Shockingly, KUSUM scheme is still due to be implemented for months because of sheer lack of fund allocation by the government’s Ministry of Finance.

Will YOU stand with India’s farmers?

So, what is stopping the scheme from reaching farmers?

The Ministry of Finance has been sitting on the funds meant for the scheme KUSUM. If YOU stand with us, we can create enough pressure to bring KUSUM to our farmers.

Here is an appeal from Greenpeace India

Demand Ministry of Finance to release funds for the KUSUM scheme.


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