THE ANATOMY OF HATE | In Conversation with Revati Laul

What makes a man stand by and watch violence being done to another? What does a woman do after her husband has killed a pregnant stranger? What latent tension and complexes did the instigators of violence draw upon to unleash the carnage of 28Frbruary 2002?

Revati Laul, an independent journalist and the author of the book, “The Anatomy of Hate” has researched for almost 6 years to find the answers. Individuals in a violent crowd have been always refereed as a mob but the author tried to identify faces who throughout has been faceless.

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Revati Laul, dig deeper into what we call “mob”. She investigates and reached out to individuals. In the process, she finds men and husbands. These identities often get lost whenever we refer to a violent crowd as a mob.

The author brings an unexplored perspective which now changes everything about the mob.

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