The Curse of “Unlimited”

Everything on earth is supposed to be balanced. God has created this beautiful world in perfect equilibrium. But humans are poised to disturb the balance of nature. Having the brain to think, imagine and innovate, humans find themselves superior to other beings. And ever since humans have expressed their dominance and exploited plants, animals’ nature, and all the resources over and under the soil. 

Unlimited is a concept that feeds greed. The greed of wanting all has resulted in problems we face today, whether it is pollution, disaster, war or climate change. And human believes they have access to the power of “unlimited.”

Today, the entire human race is running after accessing unlimited, whether it is about food, money, internet data, natural resources, freedom or even power, each day, our greed to get unlimited is increasing. They want it all. Take the example of internet data. Ten years ago, buying 500 MB of data cost nearly a thousand rupees in India. Now, unlimited internet is available at human disposal. 

This concept of unlimited data has been successful in disturbing the balance of human life. Undoubtedly the internet has given us access to enormous information but the question is how much information do we need actually?

According to a study an average person spends 7 hours daily on the internet. Hours from daily lives are spent consuming YouTube Videos, scrolling and posting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Many people, especially the younger generation, spend most of their hours every day on the mobile screen. 

Interestingly, social media platforms are the place where people get most of the misinformation. Social media is one of the prominent reasons behind low self-esteem and mental illness among adolescents. 

On the other hand hatemonger, politicians and exploitative corporates use the internet to manipulate humans. Most often communal tension is triggered by a single misinformation or fake news and spread rapidly using unlimited internet. 

The consequences of unlimited are visible everywhere in all earthly affairs. Unlimited data is producing a degenerating youth starving for employment, a degraded society poised with communal hatred, and a digital divide between the poor and rich. Unlimited exploitation of the underground water is leading some of the most populated cities like California Las, Vegas (USA), Johannesburg (South Africa), New Delhi (India), and Sau Paulo (Brazil) towards a dry future. 

A few among all become capable of buying lands on the moon with their unlimited wealth. The endless greed enabled “haves” to exploit the earth and all its resources. On the other hand, it has pushed the marginalized towards the brink of poverty and diminished their chances of having a decent quality of life. 

Life is beautiful when it is balanced. And the balance could only be achieved when human leave and comes out of the labyrinth of the greed of unlimited. It can only be possible when human starts understanding that the resources are limited and they do not inherit instead they are borrowed from the next coming generations. As the American Indian proverb says “We Do Not Inherit the Earth from Our Ancestors; We Borrow It from Our Children.”

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