This is What Subhas Chandra Bose Views Were on Hindu Mahasabha

Today in Kolkata Primeminister Narendra Modi paid tribute to Subhas Chndra Bose on his 125th birth anniversary In his speech at Victoria Memorial he said

“The form in which Netaji is seeing us, he is blessing us. From LAC to LOC, the world is witnessing avatar of India that was envisioned by Netaji. India is giving a befitting reply wherever attempts have been made to challenge its sovereignty.” 

But truly, would Subhas Chandra Bose be happy seeing the country in its current state? This what Bose views were on Hindu Mahasabha and Savarkar from where Indian Primeminister derive his inspirations. 

Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose’s appeal to the people of India and Bengal

On 12th May 1940 at Jhargram in West Bengal, Subhas Bose at a public meeting

“The Hindu Mahasabha has deployed sannyasis and sannyasins with tridents in their hands to beg for votes. At the very sight of tridents and saffron robes, Hindus bow their head in reverence. By taking advantage of religion and desecrating it, the Hindu Mahasabha has entered the arena of politics. It is the duty of all Hindus to condemn it…

Banish these traitors from national life. Don’t listen to them”

Subhas Bose bluntly accused the Hindu Mahasabha of being more interested in the downfall of the Congress than in the independence of India. In a March 1940 editorial, he wrote that the Hindu Mahasabha had colluded with the British in the Calcutta Municipal Election at the expense of Indian parties:

“… the tactics employed by some Hindu Mahasabha leaders … have caused us pain and sorrow. The Hindu Mahasabha did not fight a clean fight … [Their] candidates included men who had tried their level best to break the Congress Municipal Association and to that end had formed the United Party in the Corporation in co-operation with British and nominated groups of councillors. Some of them have been re-elected and one could easily anticipate how they would behave in future. 

In a radio address in August 1942, after encouraging Indians to continue in their struggle against the British, Bose admonished the Hindu Mahasabha and the Muslim League:

“… I would request Mr Jinnah, Mr Savarkar, and all those leaders who still think of a compromise with the British, to realise once for all that in the world of tomorrow, there will be no British Empire. All those individuals, groups or parties who now participate in the fight for freedom will have an honoured place in the India of tomorrow … The supporters of British imperialism will naturally become non-entities in a free India…”

An editorial that Bose wrote in Forward Bloc Weekly in May 1940 read thus:

“That was a long time ago when prominent leaders of the Congress could be members of the communal organisations like Hindu Mahasabha and Muslim League. But in recent times, the circumstances have changed. These communal organisations have become more communal than before. As a reaction to this, the Indian National Congress has put into its constitution a clause to the effect that no member of a communal organisation like Hindu Mahasabha and Muslim League can be a member of an elective committee of Congress.”

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