Wrongfully Imprisoned for Last 500 Days, Story of the Forgotten Hero of Anti CAA NRC Protests Athar Khan

14th November marks the 500th day of the wrongful imprisonment of Anti CAA NRC activist Athar Khan. Delhi Police detained Athar on July 2nd, 2020 in connection with Anti Muslim Delhi violence. The Delhi violence broke out after a provocative speech made by BJP politician Kapil Mishra and Anurag Thakur which claimed 53 lives, mostly of Muslims. 

However, Delhi police overlooked the speeches of BJP leaders and Hindutva flag bearers and instead started a crackdown over Anti CAA NRC activists. Delhi police detained a handful of activists and charged them under the draconian UAPA. 26-year-old Athar Khan is one of them.

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Athar Khan was pursuing distance education in Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) from Sikkim Manipal University when the Anti-CAA NRC protests took all over the country. And he became part of the Chand Bagh, protest site by supervising the stage. 

Najmuddin, uncle of Athar said, “Athar been imprisoned for last 500 days only because he stood against the discriminatory laws and the fascist nature of the government, our prayers are with them”

Athar has been granted bail on two of three cases, his uncle said that they will soon move for bail on the UAPA case. Talking about the UAPA he said, “Mostly Muslims are charged under the draconian UAPA if I explain in simple words his bail can be easily denied due to government pressure.” 

Jamat e Islami Hind and United against Hate has been standing by us since day one. Jamat e Islami is looking into everything about the Athar case.

Due to COVID situations, we are only allowed to meet twice a month. Athar has had medical conditions related to Hemorrhoids since his school days, he was getting treatment under homoeopathy but since he is in jail but we have to knock on the court’s door every time for his treatment, said Najmuddin

However, Athar remains calm every we see him, he always says these are fake cases I will be out soon, added Najmuddin.

Afzal Khan, father of Athar is growing old. He shows he is alright but broken inside, said Noorjahan Begum, mother of Athar. She says she is proud, she has given birth to Ashfaquallah

The younger brother of Athar is somehow managing the household and the finance. He had to leave his education.

Time is passing but life has stopped, whenever we talk to Athar’s mother, her tears do not stop. The only support of elderly parents is in jail, their situation can only be guessed, Added Najmuddin Najmuddin

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