28 Years of Babri Demolition

When the Constitution was in making, the chief architect put his all efforts to make sure that constitution must deliver equal rights to each and every citizen. He designed the document that it may become an efficient tool for the weaker section and minorities to protect themselves from the majoritarian fascism.

Dr. Ambedkar in 1949 expressed his concern about the possible threat from majority that may takeover the Constitution and parliament someday.

His concern unfortunately proved right when saffron militant demolished Babri mosque in 1992. Unfortunately on 6th December 1992 the Ambedkar and his very idea of constitution was murdered.

The Babri demolition happened in a wake of the social polarization which was happening between the SCs, STs, OBCs and Muslims. This was actually a counter against the social polarization by the right wings and the Brahminical forces of the country. The counter move was designed for religious polarization to establish the Hindutva narrative in mainstream.

The Ram Mandir Movement was nothing but to uphold Brahminical superiority with the aim to demolish emerging representation of SCs, STs, OBCs, and minorities which was constitutionally given by Mandal commission.

The counter revolution was properly conspirated move to undermine the social polarization which was actually a political unity between all oppressed section that was ultimate threat to Brahminical establishment.

The Babri demolition wasn’t only a religious driven tragedy but a political gambit to uproot symbolic presence of Muslim with accurately designed to uphold Majority Hindutva fascist force.

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