Here are the Five Principles of Fair Mining to Protect the Natural Resources – Rahul Basu

Watch Rahul Basu, a Goa-based environmentalist and a member of several environmental action initiatives like Goa Foundation and Goenchi Mati Movement. In a 13 minute lecture delivered at the General Assembly of ‘Publish What You Pay’, held at Dakar, Senegal he explains the concept of Intergenerational Equity.

Mining has been going on in Goa in pockets for more than the last 60 years and in the lecture, Rahul talks about the cost of unfair mining. He explains the politics and solutions to protect the future through “Five Principles”

In India, minerals are own by states as a trustee on behalf of the people and especially future generations. Minerals are a shared inheritance.
The question is: Will Goan children inherit the mineral wealth that we did? Watch this video to find out.

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