Muslim Men Assaulted on the Last Day of Dusshera in Bihar

Three Muslim men are reportedly attacked by Hindu Mob on the last day of Dussehra [Hindu festival] in different incidents in Bihar Sharif, Bihar’s Nalanda district on Friday night. Police have filed FIR in at least one attack.

Md Raza, Saddam Qureshi and Md Aasif were attacked on Dashmi, last day of Dussehra, after being identified as Muslims, the victims told Maktoob.

23-year-old Md Raza was attacked while returning from market.

“There was a rush of Dashmi. Someone from the crowd asked me: ‘Are you a Hindu or a Muslim?’ I replied: ‘Muslim.’ Then someone said from the crowd “Maar Miya Saale ko” [Attack Muslims] and then they started beating me”.

Raza claims that the mob looted him and raised anti-Muslim slurs while beating mercilessly.

Another victim, Saddam Qureshi, who was brutally attacked on the head while visiting his in-laws’ house.

“I had gone to in-laws house, Moth Mahua Tola, Bihar Sharif to meet my wife. Around 7:30 pm, I was standing at the gate of the road then suddenly 15-20 people came and asked my name, as I told my name, they started beating me while calling me Miya”.

“Is it a crime for me to be a Muslim in this country?” asks Qureshi.

Aasif was attacked in similar manner when he asked the crowd about the occasion.

Qureshi has demanded police to check footage from the CCTV installed in the locality and arrest the assailants.

State president of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), Shamim Akhtar condemned the attack.

“One man’s condition was very critical. He had a deep injury on his head and eye. After informing the police, the police came and took them to Sadar Hospital.”

Akthar claims that police was reluctant to file FIR initially but upon putting pressure the FIR is filed but no arrest is made so far.

Police informed Maktoob that investigation is ongoing and the CCTV footage is checked.

“Every month 2-3 lynching incidents are happening here. We want strict law for lynching so that Muslims do not lose their lives every day,” he added.

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