Villagers of Odisha – Chhattisgarh Border Protesting Against OCL-JINDAL

At the Odisha-Chhattisgarh border hundreds of villagers are protesting for the last three weeks demanding the government to take action against the corporate giants responsible for polluting the environment in their region.

The Taparia village of Himgir block, Sundargarh is an ordinary village of India which is deprived of basic amenities. However, the village currently is the hotspot where people of nearby villages and Panchayats have gathered to demand their constitutional rights 

The protestors alleged that OCL, a coal mining company transports coal through the villages near Odisha – Chhattisgarh border to sell it to the Jindal in Chhattisgarh has triggered the pollution level in the region. 

The dust particles emitted from coal have polluted the water bodies. The crops produced in the region also get contaminated and rejected from the market. 

Villagers too are facing several health related problems including respiratory diseases. 

The villagers sitting on the protest demanding the basic rights of living in a clean and healthy environment. 

But unfortunately, no local or national media is covering the protest and giving them any attention. To support the protestors, activists of the Jan Chetna movement, Raigarh reached Tapariya village to express their solidarity. 

Remember, Raigarh district of Chhattisgarh is among the most polluted cities in the world. The citizens of Raigarh,  are facing similar or worse problems for many years now. 

Local journalist Rajesh Gupta followed the story to the village and reported on the events. Watch his report for the Video Volunteers here 

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