PEASANT UPRISING | Against the FARM BILLS and Capitalism, Farmers Across India Gearing up for a Bigger Movement

The protests of farmers against the Farm Laws have been going on for more than three months. Today in solidarity to farmers sitting at Delhi farmers across India protested on the street demanding the immediate Repeal of the Farm Laws. 

The Chakka Jam today was observed across India which witness massive gatherings of farmers, labours and civilians.

After the event of Republic Day Farmers, labours and civilians align together across India for a bigger movement against the crony capitalism and Anti-Farmer attitude of the BJP government. 

On the third of February, a massive Mahapanchayat was held in Jind district of Haryana which sees the presence of several farmer leaders of Haryana. Rakesh Tikait, the spokesperson of Bharatiya Kisan Union was also in the Mahapanchayat organised by the Khap leaders of the state. 

On the same day, another Mahapanchayt was held in at Khatkar toll Plaza, Jind- Patiala Highway. 

Similar kind of farmers gathering was also observed in Bagpat, a district in western Uttar Pradesh after police personal assaulted farmers at midnight of 27th January. 

Farmers in thousands with tractor marched and protested against the Farm Bills and the police atrocities. This was the third such huge Mahapanchayat after Mathura and Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh. 

Farmers gathering on a similar scale are being seen in the other states like Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Gujarat and other

“This battle of farmers is being fought strongly. The way it has received support from the Khaps, this battle will be won. There will be no compromise with the honour of farmers. If anybody raises a finger at the farmer’s pagri, he will be taught a lesson.”  – Rakesh Tikait 

Under the presence of thousands of citizens, farmers and leaders five resolutions were passed by the Mahapanchayat and asked Prime minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit to directly talk with farmers delegation. 


1. Repeal all 3 anti-farmer Farm Laws

2. Make new law on MSP, extended to all basic crops

3. Implement Swaminathan report

4. Waive debts of peasants

5. Free all arrested people and seized tractors on 26 Jan, drop all false cases on farmers

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  1. बिल्कुल ये पाँचो नतीजे जो महापंचायतों द्वारा हासिल किया गया है इसे लागू किया जाय सरकार द्वारा।किसानों की माँग पूरी की जाय।सरकार को वो सारे नियम वापस लेना चाहिय जो जनता पसंद नहीं करती है।

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