Violent Hindutva Mob Attacked Poor Muslim and Burnt Houses

After the lockdown and the December violence, Muslims in Madhya Pradesh yet again become the target of Hindutva terrorist. In a shocking event of March 21, the house, properties and crops of dozens of Muslims of Murwas, Siranj were set on fire after the murder of Santram Valmiki.

“The MLA, Umakant Sharma, incited a mob that set afire the crops in the fields of Muslims, on March 21. It is startling that such an incident happens and a public representative who takes an oath to serve people, leads a violent mob and acts with such impunity”, says the Madhya Pradesh Muslim Vikas Parishad, which has demanded action in this regard.

The MPMVP has said that Sant Ram Valmiki’s murder was over a personal enmity and “Soon after the murder, the prime suspect surrendered and was arrested. Despite that, the local legislator abused police and termed the administration ‘impotent’, following which houses of poor Muslims were razed, though they had no connection with the incident, at all”.

Mohammad Mahir, a local activist states that when the accused was arrested, why the communal atmosphere was created? Why the poor Muslims become the target when they had no connection with the incident?

News Source – News Bits, Nayi Duniya

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