Wait For the Genocide – An Excerpt From Sharjeel Usmani’s Speech

Sharjeel Usmani, an Anti-CAA-NRC activist and former AMU students yesterday shared a long speech on his Facebook timeline. He wrote a MUST READ speech to deliver at an online event where he was invited to speak about the situation in India. 

He starts with, Assalam Alaykum, and thanks to the organization. He writes, “This is an issue that not only demands our immediate attention but also calls for an appropriate response. Also, I’m thankful to them for inviting me to share my understanding of the situation here in India.

He also wrote that he decided to come with a prepared speech because at this time any part of the speech can be distorted and taken out of context to run propaganda against him in particular and Muslims in general. He cited the case of Sharjeel Imam who has been slapped with the sedition charges and now in jail for almost a year for calling a ‘Chakka Jam’ protest in his speech. 

Here are some of quotes from the speech:

  1. In politics, art is of no value, only the artist, that is, the politician is

2. It is a part of RSS’s plan. Its forefathers have dreamed of an India, which is a Hindu nation, with no Muslims and Christians in it.

3. It should not be any surprise that RSS’s political wing BJP that rules India now has brought the Citizenship Amendment Act or the CAA

4. It’s an attempt (CAA) to disqualify Muslims from their membership in the Indian society as the RSS has always wanted.

5. The RSS with its cadres and BJP’s power has completely radicalised the majority of Hindu society

6. The frequent lynchings, the frequent attacks on mosques are the by-products of the radicalisation process.

7. The biggest achievement of RSS is not damaging Muslim businesses, or Indianising education as they call it, but delegitimising Muslims as members of Indian society.

8. Muslims are forced to live in fear, where the fear is constant in terms of its presence and growing in terms of intensity

9. The Hindutva symbolism is taking over India and our Hindu majority has accepted it comfortably

Click on the link to read the full text of his speech

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