Welcome to the New India Where Lynching Has Been Normalised

On the 27th of June 29, 2021, 30 years old Ismail was lynched to death by Hindu mob at Araria district of Bihar.

Mohammad Ismail was an electrician who previously used to migrate to Delhi and Punjab for work. But since the pandemic, he stayed in the village to support his family. On Saturday night he went with two people who came looking for him for some electric work and then he never returned. 

I asked him not to go this time, I told him there can be lockdown and he may unable to return, Let’s stay home we will eat whatever we get, we will get through this together, said Musarrat 

He is survived by two wives, three kids and a 61-year-old father.

The family members of Ismail have alleged there was a conspiracy behind his death. “My son had a dispute over the construction of a road in the village. Some people opposed to him conspired to kill him,” Ismail’s father Muhammad Shoaib told reporters.

The police however giving another version in which Ismail is reported as a “thief”. The Police claimed that Ismail was caught stealing inside a house and brutally thrashed by people which caused his death. “There were two men…one of them managed to escape but Ismail was caught,” Vikas Kumar, the Station House Officer of Jokihat police station said.

Who will give us justice? I have a small daughter and two sons, who will feed us? He does the labour and ensured food for us now who will take care of us? Said Musarrat.

According to media reports, one of the accused Domar Yadav was involved in another case of lynching that took place in the area last year.

If the deceased has been previously involved in theft then why there is no report against him? Why suddenly a new narrative is being pushed to legitimize crime committed against the deceased? The lynching of Ismail is one case in the series of hate crimes against Muslims but every time the gruesome murder is being justified in the name cow, previous dispute or theft. And later the accused are hailed heroes and branded as savior Hindu. The Hindutva terrorist is being celebrated and several times are given party posts in Narendra Modi led Bhartiya janta Party.

Watch this Ground Report by Main Media to know more in detail about the incident 

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