What is Happening at the Beaches of Goa?

One after another Goa is constantly under attack by the state government and its corporate allies. Currently, the beaches of Goa are under attack while the government continues to ignore the locals protesting against the construction of the concrete wall on several of the Beaches.

Suddenly on the evening of 17th April, local noticed construction setups along the street of Vainguinim beach. Following the event, the Vainguinim Valley Residents Association (VVRA) on 20th April wrote a letter to the Taleigao Panchayat, Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority (GCZMA) and the Director of Tourism to bring to the notice this digging work.

Along with that, a new construction took place within the 100 meter of the High Tide Line which is a no-development zone.

After alerting the local authorities, On 23 April, a joint site inspection was conducted by the GCZMA and the Panchayat. In the inspection, it was found out that permission granted to Fomento Group to repair was heavily violated.

The VVRA also requested the authority to issue a notice to stop the work. Despite a show-cause notice to the concerned party and recommendations to demolish the wall, the construction of the wall finished despite the protest by locals.

Reacting to the criticism, Fomento Resorts and Hotels Limited has issued a public statement claiming that the construction work was being carried out after consulting a government agency. “Fomento Resorts and Hotels Limited has undertaken only repair work on the retaining wall in their property to prevent further erosion of the beach and restore damage from heavy rains over the past two years,” the statement said. When a reply was asked from Chief Minister Pramod Sawant, he said that the Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority was “examining the matter“.

Unfortunately what happened at Vainguinim beach is neither first nor last. Soon after the wall at Vainguinim, Morjim beach became the next target. It is being allegedly constructed to protect the boats and huts of the fishing community.

This alleged encroachment came into focus when former actor Nafisa Ali Sodhi noticed the wall during her regular walks on the beach and posted a snap with a caption – “Is this the new normal on the Morjim beachfront … it’s where the turtles come to nest? (sic)

It looks like constructing walls on beaches has become the new normal in Goa and even after so much of the visible evidences the government is still inquiring.

Click on this link to follow the events in timeline

Here is what you can do

Sign this petition raised by locals for demolition of the wall – http://chng.it/VNt29bKPxW

Follow the hastag #WallontheBeach and spread more awareness about the activities on social media

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