“Dinesh Bharti will Come with a sword if Friday Namaz takes Place Anywhere in Gurugram,” said Proxy Hindutva Boy 

On 5th November, Hindu right-wing groups celebrated Goverdhan Puja at sector 12A of Gurugram where Namaz had been taking place every Friday.

The celebration Puja was organised after the Gurugram administration on Tuesday, 2 November, withdrew permission for performing Namaz at eight of the 37 designated sites, citing objection by locals. 

And also, ordered that the Namaz will not be performed at any open space that is not a designated site to do so.

The event was organised by the Sanyukta Hindu Sangharsh Samiti (SHSS), an umbrella body that comprises 22 Hindu right-wing outfits like the Bajrang Dal, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Hindu Kranti Dal, Arya Samaj, and Sanatan Dharam among others. BJP leader Kapil Mishra who was seen giving a provocative speech before the Anti Muslim Delhi violence also attended the Puja.

During the event slogans like “Goli Maro Salon ko, Hindu Ke Gaddaron ko” were raised 

Speaking at the event Kapil Mishra mentions the Shaheen Bagh protests “Do not use roads for your politics. We had seen it in Shaheen Bagh. They had done a tamasha by blocking all the roads. Has the CAA been revoked? Arteries and nerves, if blocked, stop the body’s movements. Similarly, if roads are blocked, the city and country stops,” reports Indian Express

“I want to congratulate the people who fought for this freedom… who fought to defend these constitutional rights. This is the real fight for freedom (Azadi). Not the one for which slogans of Azadi are raised. We need the freedom to freely walk on the roads,” he said 

Hatemonger Dinesh Bharti of Bharat Mata Vahini, in an interview to The Wire, said that “Muslims run their network of Land Jihad, Love Jihad, religious conversion and cow slaughter through Namaz. “Dinesh Bharti will come with a sword if Friday Namaz takes Place Anywhere in Gurugram,” he added.

Bharti, who identified himself as a worker of BJP RSS and VHP has been at the forefront of protesting against Muslims offering Friday Namaz at the designated place in Gurgaon. 

October he was arrested twice for disrupting Namaz in Gurugram.   

Previously he has claimed, “This is an international conspiracy. They are offering namaz as part of this conspiracy of… love jihad, land jihad. If we don’t raise our voice, they will build a mosque here.” 

Bharti has been a proxy Hindutva poster boy for some time and is actively involved in anti-Muslim activities. He has been also arrested a couple of times in past for disturbing social harmony. Recently in 

In May 2021, Bharati was one of the speakers at the Indri “Hindu” Mahapanchayat in Mewat in support of Asif Khan‘s lynchers. Demanding the release of the accused, the Bharat Mata Vahini leader said he would welcome AIMIM chief Asaduddin Owaisi with shoes and stones if he visited Mewat. Bharati also allegedly led a march in support of Asif Khan’s killers. 

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